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Saturday, 16 February 2013

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Gyangu was the name of my group in high school. It may sound strange but it actually originates from the Japanese language which brings the meaning of group. My group consists of six people including my five fellow friends, Ayu, Wahida, Najwa, Arin, Khairunisa and myself, Hanis. We've been such close friends since the past two years since we were in the same class, Bakti. Although we all have different type of characters and favorites, we still manage to get along together as like peas in a pod.
Giving the advantage of being in the same classroom, we always focus and pay full attention during our teachers' lessons in class. Whenever we are uncertain or do not get the concept of a certain lesson, we never hesitate to do a group discussion together that we call 'Gyangu Study Time' after school ends in the afternoon. We also help one another when being assigned multiple homeworks from our teachers. This shows why we never fail to send in our homework before the deadline.

Our schedules are always packed with tuition and co-curricular activities in the evening but that doesn't stop us to spend time together. We all got involved in a volleyball tournament game together. This helps us to bond even more. We are also in different sports houses. Ayu and Najwa are in the Perdana house, Khairunisa is from the Waja house, Wahida is from the Satria house, meanwhile Arin and I are from the Wira's house. We still find time to hang even when we have sports practice every week. Although we are active in sports, it does not keep us away from focusing on our examinations. We manage our time wisely. Thus, not only do we do great in sports activitiy, we also excel in our examinations.

As the year 2012 came, we stepped our foot in school with a new leaf. We were full of hopes and mission in our dear hearts. This is because as of this year, we were going to sit for the most important examination of our entire life, SPM. This exam is very important as it will determine one's future. Without no doubt, we all are targeting to get straight A's on your results slips soon. 

Everyday we study together. Our study groups consists of multiple exercises from various reference books and also exercises containing actual past year SPM questions. Whenever we complete the exercises, we would usually discuss the answers together and detect our mistakes. We always take baby steps to learn from our mistakes. By the time we get to identify our weaknesses, we try to improve them. Furthermore, my Gyangu members have their own advantages in different subjects. This is a bonus that helps us to teach one another more effectively and also to ensure we achieve success in our studies all together.

Since we will be sitting for our SPM exam this year, we work twice as hard day by day. This only allows us to be more close. Even so, we still face time struggling with our studies that forces us to sacrifice our sleeping and social time. Not all of us go to tuition. The only Gyangu members who go to tuition is Nisa, Ayu, Najwa and myself. We only take the subjects that we are poor at. This is to enhance our comprehension and understanding towards a subject.

Only three days are left before SPM starts. We are all nervously waiting for the big day to come. Only God knows how nervous we are by heart.

On the first day of SPM, we all shook our parent's hands to ask for their blessing and prayers. We all then gathered together somewhere far from the open hall where everyone is at. We wished each other the best of luck, then we recited a short prayer before heading into the hall. Soon after that, our teacher had call everybody in to line up in our rows. Soon, we entered our classrooms.

Two hours later, the answering time was up. All the students were allowed to exit the classrooms and into the hall. That was our routine for every paper that we took in the long one month. Every paper was filled with challenges but we the best we could do.

Only five minutes left until our last paper end, Economics. We all double-checked our papers for any small errors or misspelling. When the time was up, we all went out of the hall excitedly filled with joy! All Gyangu members gathered. We were hugging each other happily and relief as to the ending of our SPM examination. We were glad it was finally over.

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